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About iAcuity Telco

Empowering communication service providers to improve operational efficiency and maximize revenue

Our solutions automate data handling, cleansing and analytics to provide valuable insights that transform communication service providers' operations.


iAcuity Telco channelizes years of research, innovation and expertise to design domain specific solutions that effectively manage big data by employing advanced techniques of collecting, filtering, curating and analysing data. These solutions save the analyst time, make sense of oceans of data and create actionable intelligence.


Vast experience in both Wireless as well Fixed Line Broadband Networks

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Converged Network Signal Monitoring , Interception and Analysis

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Proprietary Reporting Engines to draw intelligence from voluminous data


Process and Analyze Billions of data records

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Big data and traditional databases 

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Visualization tools for multi dimensional Dashboard

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AI/ML Tools for discovery and analytics


HTML, Java and JavaScript for portal development


Virtualized and Cloud environment

iAcuity Telco Culture

Exceeding Excellence…

At iAcuity Telco Solutions we believe in exceeding excellence by delivering innovative solutions that create immense value for our customers. Our focus is always customer success.

High Fives


Constantly on the lookout to learn new things rapidly, make connections others miss and seek alternative perspectives


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