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Lawful Interception


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5G ready Fully convergent solution supports all types of communication Voice, Data, Video, VoIP, SMS, MMS, EMAIL, and Web Browsing session. Comprehensive lawful interception system with full back ward and forward compatibility ensuring lowest TCO for communication service providers.


LIS system fully compliant with ETSI and 3GPP specifications and evolving standards ensuring full compatibility with latest LIM solutions that may have been deployed at LEA and Government Agency ends

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Single platform solution for all technologies Mobile and Broadband

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Supports legacy as well as next generation network, 2G,3G,4G/LTE, VoLTE, 5G –NSA and SA, and Broadband


Collect and monitor voice and data content of suspects and supports all types of communication Voice, Data, Video, VoIP , SMS


Ability to coexist with other LIS already installed in the network. xLIS can be integrated with provisioning systems of the other LIS which might already install in the network


Collects, stores and analyzes IP traffic data from ISP/TSP to aid in criminal and terrorist investigations


Monitor and profile internet activities of suspects & provides Cell IDs of browsing session, to track movement


Correlate IP traffic data with Social Media activity to identify person/phone number/IP address behind profile


Provides search data for the given parameters in the form of reports

iAcuity CDR

Analyze suspect’s communication patterns and track behaviours for prevention and investigation of terrorist and criminal activities. 

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Over 30 algorithms designed to aid in criminal and terrorist investigations


Enterprise scale solution - analyzes multiple suspect data and tower dumps


Continuously monitor communication activities of suspects and find hidden relationships


Powerful link analysis allows for easy visualization of relationships

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Profile (SOP) report enables investigators to understand a suspect's behaviour in minutes


Movement analysis helps track suspects location

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