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Addressing Prevalent Telco Frauds: Targeted Detection and Protection with iFraudPrevent.

In today's rapidly evolving telecom landscape, fraudsters are constantly devising new and sophisticated schemes to exploit vulnerabilities and steal revenue. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are under immense pressure to protect their networks and subscribers from these ever-growing threats. Traditional fraud detection solutions are often slow, reactive, and ineffective, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage.

That's where iFraudPrevent, a 5G-ready real-time telecom fraud management solution from iAcuity Telco, comes in. It empowers CSPs to proactively combat fraud with its user-configurable fraud scenarios and advanced detection capabilities, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why Choose iFraudPrevent for Superior Fraud Detection?

iFraudPrevent offers a comprehensive suite of features that address the critical needs of CSPs in the fight against fraud:

  • Assured Revenue Stream: Tight integration with SS7 data acquisition ensures accurate revenue assurance and reconciliation, preventing revenue leakage caused by fraudulent activities.

  • Reduced False Positives and Negatives: Hot list and blacklist management, combined with configurable workflows for auto-closing false alarms, minimize operational overhead and ensure timely action on genuine threats.

  • Highly Scalable Architecture: Designed to handle massive data volumes (over 3 billion CDRs per month), iFraudPrevent seamlessly scales with your network growth, future proofing your investment.

  • Technology and Platform Agnostic: It readily integrates with any technology or network (fixed line, wireless, IP) to provide real-time, holistic fraud detection.

  • Convergent Solution: Offers comprehensive coverage across various network elements and systems, from Radio Access Network (RAN) to Billing and Customer Care, for unified fraud protection.

  • Robust and Accurate: iFraudPrevent's robust architecture can handle high volumes with unmatched accuracy, ensuring reliable fraud detection and prevention.

  • Configurable Fraud Scenarios: Define and configure custom fraud detection rules based on specific patterns and behaviors, enabling proactive threat identification.

  • Network Anomalies Handler: The built-in Network Anomalies Handler detects and alerts you to suspicious activities related to prepaid, IN, subscriptions, PBX, premium rate services, dialed digit patterns, and more.

  • Identify and Control Traffic Anomalies: iFraudPrevent effectively identifies major telecom frauds in both prepaid and post-paid services, and can be readily scaled to address emerging threats.

  • Data Collection: Collects data from diverse network elements and systems for holistic fraud analysis, providing a unified view of potential threats.

  • Rule Creator: The SQL-like rule creator empowers you to continuously monitor and update the system to detect new fraud patterns without coding expertise.

  • Easy Configuration: The user-friendly interface allows admins to quickly and accurately configure new fraud detection rules, ensuring agility in adapting to evolving threats.

  • 5G and Legacy Network Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with wireless, fixed line, 4G, and 5G networks, offering comprehensive fraud protection across your entire infrastructure.

  • Consumer Insights: Beyond fraud detection, iFraudPrevent provides valuable insights into subscriber calling patterns, enabling you to effectively manage multiple subscribers and identify anomalies in traffic volumes.

  • Web Interface for Anytime-Anywhere View: The web-enabled case management system allows you to remotely view fraud configurations, alarms, and workflows.

How iFraudPrevent Works to Protect Your Network?

iFraudPrevent employs a multi-layered approach to fraud detection and prevention:

  1. Data Collection: Collects data from various network elements and systems, including RAN, billing, and customer care.

  2. Real-Time Analysis: Continuously analyzes collected data using advanced algorithms and configurable fraud scenarios to identify suspicious activities.

  3. Alert Generation: Triggers real-time alerts for potential fraud attempts, enabling prompt investigation and action.

  4. Case Management: Provides a centralized platform to manage and track fraud cases, ensuring efficient resolution and closure.

  5. Reporting and Analytics: Generates detailed reports and insights to help you understand fraud trends and optimize your detection strategies.

Benefits of iFraudPrevent for CSPs:

By implementing iFraudPrevent, CSPs can experience numerous benefits:

  • Reduced Fraud Losses: Proactive detection and prevention of fraud attempts significantly reduce revenue leakage and financial losses.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Automated workflows and user-friendly configuration minimize manual intervention and streamline fraud management processes.

  • Enhanced Subscriber Protection: Real-time fraud detection safeguards subscribers from financial harm and protects their privacy.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

By eliminating the need for multiple, siloed fraud detection solutions, iFraudPrevent offers a unified platform that reduces overall costs. Its user-configurable capabilities eliminate the need for expensive customization, while its scalability ensures cost-effectiveness even as your network grows. Additionally, reduced false positives and improved operational efficiency further contribute to TCO reduction.

Addressing Prevalent Telco Frauds in 2023:

iFraudPrevent effectively combats a wide range of prevalent telco fraud scenarios reported in 2023:

  • Subscription Fraud: Detects unauthorized subscriptions, SIM swaps, and other schemes involving illegal account creation.

  • Call Fraud: Identifies call tampering, international routing fraud, and suspicious calling patterns.

  • Call Selling: Prevents unauthorized resale of voice minutes and fraudulent call termination.

  • Interconnect Fraud: Safeguards against revenue manipulation and bypass fraud at interconnection points.

  • Call-back and Cloning Fraud: Blocks fraudulent calls mimicking legitimate numbers and prevents unauthorized call forwarding.

  • Internal Fraud and Corruption: Detects fraudulent activities by employees or insiders attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities.

  • Dealer Fraud: Monitors dealer activities for suspicious behavior and prevents unauthorized SIM activations or recharges.

Examples of User-Configurable Fraud Scenarios:

  • High Volume, Short Duration Calls: Detect and investigate unusually high numbers of short calls to specific destinations, which could indicate toll fraud.

  • Excessive "Call Transfer" and "Call Forward" Usage: Monitor subscribers who excessively use these features, as they could be involved in call selling or other fraudulent activities.

  • Unusual Data Usage Patterns: Detect sudden spikes or dips in data usage that deviate from a subscriber's typical behavior, potentially indicating unauthorized access or SIM cloning.


In today's dynamic telecom landscape, proactive fraud detection is essential for protecting your network, subscribers, and revenue. iFraudPrevent, with its user-configurable fraud scenarios, real-time detection capabilities, and unified platform approach, empowers CSPs to effectively combat fraud and significantly reduce TCO. Contact iAcuity Telco today to learn more about how iFraudPrevent can strengthen your telecom defense and safeguard your business.


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