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Compliance, Connectivity, and Revenue Boost: iAcuity's Winning Strategy

In the contemporary telecommunications sphere, the trifecta of regulatory compliance, seamless connectivity, and revenue optimization stands as the cornerstone of success for communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprise networks. iAcuity, a prominent innovator in the industry, has meticulously crafted a holistic solution stack that empowers CSPs to navigate the intricacies of regulatory compliance, establish fortified connectivity, and maximize their revenue streams. In this discourse, we shall delve into the intricacies of iAcuity's next-generation solution stack and elucidate how it adeptly addresses these pivotal facets.

Regulatory Compliance - A Paramount Obligation:

The regulatory landscape within the telecommunications domain is incessantly evolving, exerting mounting pressure on CSPs to adhere to rigorous security mandates. iAcuity's solution stack proffers a suite of tools, meticulously crafted to be 5G ready, scalable, and adept at confronting these formidable regulatory challenges.

iLIS: The 5G-Ready Lawful Interception System:

iLIS, iAcuity's 5G-ready Lawful Interception System, is an all-encompassing solution that intercepts voice and data content while meticulously capturing session-level information pertaining to subjects of interest. This system functions as a singular platform for all technologies, encompassing 5G, NGN, VoLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Broadband, rendering it fully compliant with ETSI and 3GPP specifications, thereby assuring seamless regulatory adherence.

iIPLogger: A Nexus of Security and Business Assurance:

iIPLogger is artfully engineered to address security and business assurance requisites in the realm of both mobile and fixed networks. Its sophisticated correlation algorithms enable real-time scrutiny and reporting, effectively catering to the dual mandate of regulatory compliance and the safeguarding of business interests.

Connectivity - The Cornerstone of Telecommunications:

Secure and dependable connectivity forms the lifeblood of any telecommunications service. iAcuity's solution stack is meticulously designed to elevate the customer experience, enhance network quality, and expedite the troubleshooting of faults.

iPROBE: Real-time CDRs and Network Analysis:

iPROBE harnesses SS7/SIGTRAN probes to seamlessly generate real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs) from signal traces. This capability facilitates the real-time analysis of various Circuit Switched (CS) and Packet Switched (PS) protocols, in turn, ensuring network quality and the uninterrupted provision of services.

iPCAPTrace: Simplifying Network Troubleshooting:

iPCAPTrace adeptly captures Control Plane signals from mirrored ports and provides meticulously categorized protocol-wise messages (PCAP files) coupled with causative codes, fostering the ease of Operations and Maintenance (O&M). This user-friendly solution renders network troubleshooting a streamlined endeavor, ensuring that connectivity remains unhampered.

iAcuity Telco Solutions: Centralized Command:

iAcuity's solution stack incorporates built-in orchestrators, firewalls, content filtering, and threat intelligence, complemented by Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) analytics. This centralized approach guarantees that connectivity remains fortified, efficient, and easily governable.

Revenue Enhancement - Maximizing Profits and Curtailing Fraud:

For CSPs, revenue augmentation is an overarching objective. iAcuity's business assurance solutions are adroitly formulated to maximize revenue by curtailing fraud and plugging revenue leakages.

iFraudPrevent: A Proficient Fraud Management Solution:

iFraudPrevent is a convergent fraud management solution predicated on SIGTRAN/SS7 signaling probes. It significantly trims the total cost of ownership by adroitly handling diverse Lines of Business (LoBs). The system's user-configurable fraud scenarios render it adaptable to the ever-evolving landscape of fraudulent activities.

iRoam Assure: A Robust Roaming Fraud and Revenue Assurance Solution:

iRoam Assure is meticulously designed to safeguard high-value roaming revenue for CSPs. It furnishes tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based reporting and alerting mechanisms, ensuring the maximization of roaming revenue and the minimization of fraudulent activities.

iRevAssure: A Technology-Agnostic Platform for Revenue Realization:

iRevAssure stands as a technology-agnostic platform that systematically computes and reconciles billable revenue with the revenue actually billed, effectively pinpointing revenue leakage. Boasting a repository of over 400 user-configurable reports, this solution provides profound insights into revenue streams, further contributing to revenue optimization.


iAcuity's comprehensive solution stack stands as an infallible strategy for communication service providers and enterprise networks. By facilitating regulatory compliance, ensuring secure connectivity, and optimizing revenue streams, iAcuity empowers its clients to flourish in the intensely competitive telecommunications arena. With iAcuity, CSPs can have unwavering confidence that they possess the tools and solutions essential for thriving in this ever-evolving industry.


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