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Delivering on 5G Promises: Ensure Secure, High-Performance Connectivity.

The arrival of 5G promises a revolution in mobile connectivity, with faster speeds, lower latency, and the ability to connect a wider range of devices. However, unlocking the full potential of 5G requires robust security measures and efficient network management solutions. iAcuity's next-generation solution stack empowers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to navigate these challenges and deliver on the promise of secure, high-performance 5G connectivity.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Secure Connectivity:

iAcuity's iLIS (iAcuity's Lawful Interception Solution) is a 5G-ready platform that empowers CSPs to comply with regulatory requirements for lawful interception. This fully-converged system intercepts both voice and data content (CC) and captures session-level information (SLI) for authorized investigations.

iLIS offers several key advantages:

  • Universal Compatibility:  The platform functions seamlessly across various network technologies, including 5G, NGN, VoLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, and broadband.

  • Regulatory Adherence:  iLIS is fully compliant with ETSI and 3GPP specifications, ensuring adherence to legal interception mandates.

  • Single Platform Solution:  This eliminates the need for separate systems for different network technologies, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

iAcuity's iIPLogger complements iLIS by providing a unified platform for security and business assurance needs. Advanced correlation algorithms within iIPLogger enable real-time analysis of network logs and subscriber identities, facilitating proactive threat detection and investigation. User-defined reporting and visualization tools further empower security agencies and enterprises to generate insightful reports and graphs tailored to their specific needs.

Elevating Customer Experience and Network Performance:

iAcuity's Network Intelligence Solutions equip CSPs with the tools to optimize network performance and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

iPROBE generate real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs) from signal traces, enabling real-time analysis of various network protocols and facilitating troubleshooting across evolving network standards. These probes boast the capability to decode, reassemble, and reconstruct network traffic records, providing valuable insights for network maintenance teams.

iPCAPTrace, a dedicated signal trace solution, focuses on 2G/3G/4G network troubleshooting. This solution passively captures control plane signals from mirrored ports, processes them, and delivers protocol-wise messages (PCAP files) along with cause codes for troubleshooting purposes. The user-friendly interface further simplifies troubleshooting by allowing technicians to select specific protocols, define duration periods, and identify mobile identities.

Delivering Affordable, Scalable, and Secure Connectivity

iSDConnect fulfills the need for a highly secure carrier-grade SD-WAN platform for both Telco and Enterprise networks. This platform boasts built-in orchestrators for zero-touch provisioning, robust firewalls, content filtering capabilities, and threat intelligence with SIEM analytics. Centralized monitoring and control features further empower network administrators with a holistic view of the network's security posture.

Maximizing Revenue by Reducing Fraud and Leakages

iAcuity's Business Assurance Solutions empower CSPs to safeguard their revenue streams.

iFraudPrevent, a convergent fraud management solution, utilizes SIGTRAN/SS7 signaling probe-based technology for real-time reconciliation across different lines of business (LoBs), significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. User-configurable fraud scenarios enable continuous adaptation to combat constantly evolving fraudulent activities within the network.

iRoam Assure caters specifically to roaming fraud and revenue assurance. This solution protects high-value roaming revenue for CSPs through customized SLA-based reporting and alerting. Ease of configuration for new technologies and LoBs ensures faster implementation of new agreements while maintaining comprehensive fraud control.

iRevAssure offers a technology-agnostic platform that ensures complete revenue realization. This platform computes and reconciles billable revenue against actual billed revenue, highlighting potential revenue leakages. Powerful dashboards, configurable reports, and intelligent analytics empower CSPs to gain deep insights into their revenue streams and identify areas for improvement.


iAcuity's comprehensive suite of solutions empowers CSPs to capitalize on the full potential of 5G technology. By ensuring regulatory compliance, optimizing network performance, safeguarding against fraud, and maximizing revenue, iAcuity equips CSPs to deliver a secure and high-performing 5G experience for their customers.

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