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iAcuity's Solution Stack: Bridging the Gap Between Security and Revenue.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, communication service providers (CSPs) are confronted with a dual challenge: staying compliant with stringent security regulations and optimizing revenue streams. iAcuity, a pioneering force in the telecom industry, presents a holistic solution—the Next Generation Solution Stack. This comprehensive suite empowers CSPs not only to ensure regulatory compliance but also to deliver secure connectivity and maximize revenue. Let's delve deeper into the core components of iAcuity's Solution Stack and how they adeptly address the challenge of balancing security and revenue.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance: iLIS - Your All-in-One Intercept System

Problem: Staying compliant with evolving regulations is a daunting task for CSPs.

Solution: Enter iLIS (Fully Convergent Lawful Interception System), a robust response to the ever-evolving landscape of compliance regulations.

With the impending rollout of 5G, CSPs must be prepared to intercept voice and data content (CC) while capturing session-level information (IRI) of suspects. iLIS is the all-encompassing solution, serving as a single-platform answer to meet the needs of all technologies, including 5G, NGN, VoLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Broadband. Remarkably, it is fully compliant with ETSI and 3GPP specifications, making regulatory adherence straightforward.

Bridging Security and Business Assurance: iIPLogger - Uniting Security and Business Insights

Problem: CSPs often struggle with addressing security and business assurance challenges.

Solution: iIPLogger, a key element of iAcuity's Solution Stack, provides a unified platform for addressing security and business assurance challenges in both mobile and fixed networks.

Its advanced correlation algorithms enable real-time analysis, seamlessly correlating logs and critical network parameters with subscriber identities. Furthermore, iIPLogger offers user-defined reporting and graphic visualization, serving the needs of both security agencies and enterprise applications. It's a solution that effectively bridges the gap between security and business assurance.

Enhancing Customer Experience and Troubleshooting: iPROBE - Network Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Problem: CSPs aiming to enhance customer experience and troubleshoot network issues require advanced tools.

Solution: For CSPs aiming to enhance customer experience and swiftly troubleshoot network issues, iAcuity's Solution Stack introduces iPROBE.

These SS7/SIGTRAN probes are equipped to generate real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs) from signal traces. Facilitating real-time analysis of CS and PS protocols, iPROBE supports evolving network standards. Its capability to decode, reassemble, and reconstruct network traffic records is a game-changer. This technology-agnostic, carrier-grade platform offers linear scalability and simplifies the troubleshooting of L2 and L3 faults.

Streamlining Network Troubleshooting: iPCAPTrace - Your Troubleshooting Companion

Problem: Streamlining network troubleshooting remains a challenge for CSPs.

Solution: iPCAPTrace is your trusted companion for troubleshooting 2G, 3G, and 4G network


Passively capturing Control Plane signals from mirrored ports and processing signals to provide protocol-wise messages (PCAP files) along with cause codes for Operations and Maintenance (O&M). With a user-friendly GUI that simplifies protocol selection, duration periods, and mobile identity provision, iPCAPTrace also features built-in orchestrators, firewall capabilities, content filtering, and SIEM analytics. It centralizes monitoring and control, making network troubleshooting straightforward.

Delivering Secure Connectivity: iSDConnect - The Secure SD-WAN Platform

Problem: CSPs need to deliver secure connectivity in an increasingly digital world.

Solution: iAcuity's Solution Stack includes iSDConnect, a highly secured carrier-grade SD-WAN platform built to deliver secure connectivity.

It not only ensures connectivity but also enhances security, providing a robust foundation for reliable and secure data transmission.

Maximizing Revenue and Combating Fraud

Problem: CSPs often grapple with revenue optimization and combating fraud.

Solution: iAcuity's commitment to bridging the gap between security and revenue extends to its suite of Business Assurance Solutions:

  • iFraudPrevent is a convergent fraud management solution that leverages SIGTRAN/SS7 signaling probe-based technology for real-time reconciliation. It handles different Lines of Business (LoB), substantially reducing the total cost of ownership, and offers user-configurable fraud scenarios to tackle evolving fraudulent network activities.

  • iRoam Assure focuses on protecting high-value roaming revenue for CSPs. It offers customized SLA-based reporting and alerting, ensuring the assurance of roaming revenue while enabling fast configuration for new technologies and lines of business.

  • iRevAssure is a technology-agnostic platform that ensures complete revenue realization. It computes and reconciles billable revenue with actually billed revenue, highlighting revenue leakage. The platform features powerful dashboards and 400+ user-configurable reports, providing deep insights into revenue accuracy and potential leaks in the system.

iAcuity's Solution Stack is not merely a response to challenges; it's a roadmap to success. By offering comprehensive solutions that address regulatory compliance, security, and business assurance, iAcuity empowers CSPs to thrive in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment. With this stack, you're not just meeting requirements; you're unlocking new opportunities for growth and success in the digital age.


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