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iIPLogger: Empowering Law Enforcement with Advanced IP Log Analysis

In the fast-paced digital world, tracking and analyzing IP log data have become crucial for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to combat criminal activities and ensure national security. iAcuity's iIPLogger, an innovative solution, empowers LEAs with advanced tracking and intelligence capabilities. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of iIPLogger, highlighting why it is a game-changer in the field of IP log data analysis.

Why Choose iIPLogger?

iIPLogger stands out for its configurability and compliance with both IPv4 and IPv6, making it compatible with modern IP-based networks. It offers a single-platform solution, enabling configurable info-graphical views and reports across different IP-based networks. Whether deployed at the national, regional, or specific network technology levels, iIPLogger provides fully automated collection, storage, correlation, and analysis of large volumes of network and security event logs for auditing and reporting.

Bolstering Investigations with iIPLogger:

When it comes to security investigations and incident responses, iIPLogger's real-time log information availability becomes invaluable. It allows investigators to view complete web-user information, monitor internet activities of suspects, and even track their movement by providing cell ID’s of browsing sessions. By correlating IP traffic data with social media activity, iIPLogger helps identify targets, phone numbers, and IP addresses linked to events of interest, assisting LEAs in their criminal and terror investigations.

Storage Management and Reduced TCO:

iIPLogger ensures efficient storage management, automatically storing collected data in the database file system for any configured period. The solution's ability to monitor, index, and store data on a single platform helps vendors cut costs and reduce clutter, leading to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Network Monitoring and Auditing with iIPLogger:

iIPLogger excels in network monitoring and auditing with features like IP, time, hostname, and severity-based filters. It allows users to define alert criteria, offers analytical dashboards for insights into log data and system performance, and supports alarms and alerts for proactive security measures. The solution's scalability enables it to process voluminous data sets from multiple sources efficiently, adhering to industry best practices.

Role-Based Access and Encryption:

iIPLogger ensures security through role-based access, segregating networks, users, and authorities to enable real-time interception of input data sources securely. Data interception and retention are enhanced by a thick layer of authentication and encryption, safeguarding sensitive information.

Technical Details and Core Technologies:

The iIPLogger's collector engine efficiently handles high volumes of TPS (Transactions Per Second) based on various protocols, making it suitable for different network technology levels. It supports processing EDRs (Event Data Records) and firewall logs with millions of PDPs (Packet Data Protocol) that can be stored for extended periods. With support for various file formats like Net flow, Binary, CSV, Zip, and ASN.1, iIPLogger offers a highly customized and versatile software application-based solution.

How iIPLogger Benefits Businesses?

iIPLogger's deployment flexibility allows it to be seamlessly integrated into CSPs' premises at national, regional, or specific network technology levels. Its efficient IP log data collection and analysis empower businesses with valuable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions, improve network metrics, monitor user activities, and enhance overall network security.


iAcuity's iIPLogger is a powerful solution that transforms the way IP log data is collected, stored, and analyzed for law enforcement agencies. With its configurable features, user-friendly interface, and advanced capabilities, iIPLogger streamlines investigations, enhances security, and provides valuable insights for businesses. Embrace the future of IP log data analysis with iIPLogger and stay ahead in the digital era.


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