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iLIS: A 5G-Ready Fully Convergent Lawful Interception System

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and vendors face the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing Lawful Interception (LI) compliance requirements. iAcuity Telco Solutions has the perfect solution: iLIS (Fully Convergent Lawful Interception System). iLIS offers a modular architecture that saves time and costs, bridging the gap between legacy and modern systems.

Let's explore the impressive capabilities of iLIS and understand how it seamlessly intercepts voice and data content while complying with ETSI and 3GPP specifications.

  • Network Agnostic Solution

iLIS is a network agnostic solution, capable of intercepting communications across various networks, from traditional landlines to advanced 5G telecom networks and broadband services. It provides bespoke solutions without any preference, ensuring comprehensive interception capabilities regardless of the network infrastructure.

  • Security of Intercepted Data

Ensuring the security of intercepted data is crucial. iLIS securely transfers intercepted Call Content (CC) and Intercepted Related Information (IRI) using standard ETSI/3GPP formats over a secure network. This ensures that sensitive information remains protected and compliance with industry standards is maintained.

  • User-Friendly GUI

Navigating a lawful interception system can be challenging. iLIS addresses this by offering a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). This intuitive interface empowers vendors to effortlessly explore various options and efficiently manage interception activities.

  • Multi-Source Input

Intercepting communications from multiple sources can be time-consuming and costly. iLIS simplifies this process by providing a centralized platform that collates intercepts from multiple input data sources. This feature saves vendors both time and money by streamlining the interception process and ensuring all relevant data is available in one place.

  • Configurable Platform

iLIS offers a highly configurable platform that can be provisioned based on the specific scope of interception. Vendors have the flexibility to customize the system according to their requirements, allowing them to adapt to changing needs and scale the interception capabilities as necessary.

  • Data Retention Capability

Retaining intercepted data for future reference is crucial for investigative and legal purposes. iLIS offers vendors an advanced capability to retain intercepted data, enabling them to store and access necessary information when needed. This enhances their ability to support ongoing investigations and comply with legal obligations.

Benefits for Network Vendors:

Let's explore how iLIS benefits network vendors and enables them to effectively manage interception operations.

  • Real-Time Interception

iLIS ensures real-time interception, recording, and transparent transfer of intercepted data to the Lawful Interception and Monitoring System (LIM). Near-real-time to real-time data delivery allows vendors to swiftly respond to intercepted communications and take appropriate actions.

  • Easy Deployment for Public and Private Networks

iLIS seamlessly integrates with both Public Networks and Standalone Private Networks (SPNs) over 5G. It operates in a fully controllable environment, scaling in accordance with the network infrastructure. This flexibility enables easy deployments, ensuring interception operations can adapt to various network configurations. Additionally, iLIS offers a secure, centralized provisioning and administration system while supporting multiple Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

  • Convergent Solutions for Divergent Technologies

iLIS covers a wide range of technologies, including voice calls, SMS, web calls, 4G, VoLTE, broadband, and the latest 5G networks. Its fully convergent architecture ensures that vendors can effectively intercept and manage communications across these diverse technologies from a single platform. This unified approach simplifies operations and eliminates the need for separate interception systems for each technology.

  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

iLIS' modular architecture plays a crucial role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for CSPs. By enabling seamless integration of new technologies with existing legacy systems, iLIS eliminates the need for substantial upgrades. This scalability and compatibility allow vendors to leverage their existing infrastructure while adopting new technologies, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Core Technologies:

iLIS incorporates three core technologies within its modular architecture:

  1. Provisioning System: Manages the configuration and provisioning of interception targets and associated parameters.

  2. IRI Mediation System: Mediates and processes Intercepted Related Information, ensuring its compatibility with standard formats.

  3. CC Mediation System: Mediates and processes Call Content, aligning it with standard ETSI/3GPP formats.

Salient Features of iLIS:

iLIS boasts several salient features that further enhance its capabilities:

  • Location Agnostic: iLIS can be implemented at different levels, including national, regional, or specific network technology levels, depending on the requirements of the CSPs.

  • Customizable LI Capacity: iLIS offers a standard configuration capable of handling 3,000 active targets, along with concurrent interceptions of 480 voices, 48 videos, and 240 packet data. Vendors have the flexibility to customize the system configuration based on their specific needs. This scalability allows for additional bandwidth allocation to cater to new services or network nodes.

  • Compliance: iLIS is fully compliant with ETSI/3GPP Release-16 standards, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and maintaining a high level of compatibility with other LI systems.


iAcuity Telco Solutions' iLIS stands as a robust and comprehensive Fully Convergent Lawful Interception System. Its network agnostic nature, security of intercepted data, user-friendly GUI, multi-source input, configurability, and data retention capabilities make it an ideal choice for vendors seeking a scalable and compliant LI solution.

iLIS simplifies interception operations, provides real-time data transfer, and offers seamless integration with diverse technologies. By reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and ensuring compliance with industry standards, iLIS empowers network vendors to meet their interception needs effectively and efficiently.

For more information, please contact iAcuity Telco Solutions:

Phone: +91-22-2201 6880


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