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iPROBE's Role in Transforming Telecom Analytics.

In the dynamic landscape of the telecommunications industry, the need for robust network intelligence solutions is paramount. One such game-changer in this domain is iPROBE, a field-proven system equipped with SS7/SIGTRAN probes that play a pivotal role in CDR generation and protocol analysis. In this blog post, we delve into the transformative role of iPROBE and its unparalleled contribution to network intelligence.

iPROBE: An Overview

At the heart of iPROBE's functionality lies its field-proven SS7/SIGTRAN probes. These probes are meticulously designed to extract signaling information from diverse network technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and VoLTE. What sets iPROBE apart is its ability to tap into this information passively, enabling the real-time generation of Call Detail Records (CDRs) for subsequent analysis and processing.

CDR Generation in Real Time:

iPROBE acts as a catalyst in generating CDRs and IPDRs in near real time, using network signaling information as a standard reference. This real-time generation serves as a cornerstone for reconciliation processes with CDRs generated by Mediation, Billing, and other nodes within the network architecture.

Vendor-Agnostic Design:

One of the standout features of iPROBE is its vendor-agnostic design, allowing seamless interfacing with Circuit Switched (CS), Packet Switched (PS), and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) networks. This versatility is crucial in today's multi-vendor telecom environments, where interoperability is a key factor in ensuring smooth operations.

Protocol Stack Support:

iPROBE boasts compatibility with SS7 and SIGTRAN protocol stacks, making it a comprehensive solution for network intelligence across various technologies. This support extends to both traditional Circuit Switched (CS) and modern Packet Switched (PS) networks, as well as the increasingly prevalent VoLTE networks.

Optimal Configuration for Throughput:

Recognizing the diversity in network traffic capacities, iPROBE is built on a standard hardware platform that can be configured optimally to handle different throughput requirements. This scalability ensures cost-effective operations, as the system adapts to the specific demands of the network traffic.

Applications in BSS Suites and Protocol Analysis:

iPROBE's role extends beyond CDR generation; it serves as a linchpin in Business Support System (BSS) applications. The real-time CDRs generated by iPROBE act as a valuable resource for BSS suites, facilitating accurate billing, mediation, and other critical functions.

Moreover, iPROBE's capabilities in protocol analysis based on signal number trace contribute significantly to network optimization. By dissecting signaling information, the system provides insights into the intricacies of the network's functioning, aiding in proactive issue resolution and performance enhancement.


In conclusion, iPROBE emerges as a formidable force in the realm of network intelligence. Its adeptness in real-time CDR generation, vendor-agnostic design, protocol stack support, and optimal configuration for throughput make it an indispensable tool for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) navigating the complexities of modern telecom networks.

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, iPROBE stands as a beacon of innovation, unleashing network intelligence that empowers CSPs to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape. It's not just a solution; it's a transformative force that propels telecom analytics into a new era of efficiency and reliability.


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