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iRoamAssure: Safeguarding Roaming Revenue with Comprehensive Fraud and Revenue Assurance Solution

The global telecommunications industry is witnessing a significant rise in roaming fraud, posing substantial challenges for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Fraudulent activities such as call forwarding, data manipulation, and IMSI swaps not only jeopardize revenue streams but also damage CSPs' reputation.

To combat these threats effectively, iAcuity presents iRoamAssure, a comprehensive fraud and revenue assurance solution. In this article, we will delve into global roaming fraud statistics, explore region-specific fraud scenarios, and demonstrate how iRoamAssure can empower CSPs to safeguard their revenue and combat fraud efficiently.

Global Roaming Fraud Statistics:

The impact of roaming fraud on CSPs is staggering. According to industry reports, roaming fraud accounts for billions of dollars in revenue loss each year. Let's take a closer look at some eye-opening statistics:

The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) estimates that roaming fraud costs the industry over $6 billion annually.

The CFCA also highlights that fraudulent activities such as SIM card cloning, subscription fraud, and international revenue share fraud (IRSF) have been on the rise, contributing to the escalating losses.

According to the GSMA, fraudulent activities account for approximately 1.24% of global roaming revenues.

The Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions experience higher incidences of roaming fraud due to factors like weak regulatory frameworks, porous borders, and sophisticated fraud techniques.

Fraud Scenarios Impacting CSPs Region-wise:

North America:

In North America, common fraud scenarios include SIM card cloning, account takeover, and premium rate service fraud. These fraudulent activities lead to financial losses and damage CSPs' reputation. iRoamAssure's real-time fraud detection capabilities and comprehensive reporting system empower CSPs to detect and mitigate fraud promptly, ensuring the protection of roaming revenue.


Europe witnesses various fraud scenarios, including international revenue share fraud (IRSF), roaming bypass, and SIM card manipulation. These fraud techniques cause substantial revenue leakage for CSPs. By complying with industry standards and leveraging advanced analytics, iRoamAssure equips CSPs with the necessary tools to detect and prevent these fraud scenarios effectively.


The Asia-Pacific region faces challenges such as SIM card cloning, fraudulent International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) provisioning, and unauthorized roaming. These fraud activities exploit vulnerabilities in roaming systems, impacting CSPs' revenue streams. iRoamAssure's built-in correction system and error file validation capabilities help identify and rectify fraudulent activities promptly, ensuring accurate revenue reporting and minimizing losses.

Middle East and Africa:

The Middle East and Africa encounter significant challenges with roaming fraud due to weak regulatory frameworks and widespread SIM card fraud. Fraud scenarios include roaming bypass, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), and subscription fraud. iRoamAssure's compliance with industry standards, such as GSMA's NRTRDE mandate, ensures accurate and timely reporting, enabling CSPs in these regions to combat fraud effectively.

How iRoamAssure Helps?

Real-time Fraud Detection:

iRoamAssure employs advanced algorithms and rule-based systems to detect fraudulent activities in near real-time. By monitoring call data, high network usage, and subscriber activities, iRoamAssure raises alerts and provides insights to CSPs, enabling them to identify and address fraud swiftly.

Comprehensive Reporting System:

With iRoamAssure, CSPs gain access to comprehensive fraud-related reports and analytics. These reports offer valuable insights into fraud patterns, enabling CSPs to develop proactive strategies for fraud prevention and revenue assurance.

Data Validation and Error Correction:

iRoamAssure's built-in correction system validates roaming data received from partners, ensuring accuracy and integrity. It efficiently manages errors and re-processes error files, providing CSPs with reliable TAP files for accurate revenue calculation and settlement.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

iRoamAssure adheres to industry standards, including TD.35 and TD.57, GSMA FF.18 guidelines, and GSMA's NRTRDE mandate. This compliance ensures that CSPs have access to real-time call data and intelligence beyond their home networks, empowering them to detect and prevent fraud effectively.


Roaming fraud poses a significant threat to Communication Service Providers worldwide, resulting in substantial revenue losses and damaged reputation. iAcuity's iRoamAssure offers a comprehensive fraud and revenue assurance solution that equips CSPs to combat fraud and safeguard their roaming revenue.

By leveraging real-time fraud detection, comprehensive reporting, data validation, and compliance with industry standards, iRoamAssure empowers CSPs to detect and prevent fraudulent activities swiftly and accurately. In an industry where revenue protection and fraud prevention are paramount, iRoamAssure emerges as the ideal solution for CSPs seeking to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure sustainable growth.

Contact iAcuity Telco today to learn how iRoamAssure can help your business protect its roaming revenue and combat fraud effectively.


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