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iSDConnect: Transforming Telco and Enterprise Networks with iAcuity's Highly Secured SD-WAN Platform

In today's era of cloud deployments and increased reliance on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) are struggling to handle the surge in traffic effectively. However, iAcuity's iSDConnect emerges as a solution to bridge this efficiency gap by providing application steering, cost savings, and unified communication capabilities.

With its best-in-breed firewalls, security features, advanced routing, and WAN optimization capabilities, iSDConnect offers a highly secure Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) platform that brings agility and improved performance by decoupling the network from hardware.

Making the Cloud Journey Seamless with Higher Bandwidth

Amidst the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services, businesses require a WAN solution that ensures seamless connectivity and higher bandwidth. iSDConnect serves as the answer to these requirements by unleashing the true power of cloud-based applications, assuring bandwidth, scalability, and availability.

Let's explore the reasons why Telcos should choose iSDConnect SD-WAN.

Superior App Performance:

iSDConnect provides a unified WAN architecture that delivers secure and superior application performance. By leveraging adaptive traffic steering over multiple WAN transport services such as Broadband, LTE, and MPLS, iSDConnect ensures optimized application delivery and user experience.

Unified Command:

Unlike traditional routers, iSDConnect’s WAN is programmable from a Central Controller & Orchestrator, coupled with intelligent routing software. This decoupling of the network from hardware allows for greater flexibility and control, enabling Telcos to optimize network operations and resource allocation.

Circumventing Traffic Trombone:

With iSDConnect, Telcos can circumvent the performance degradation often experienced in SaaS deployments due to higher latency and packet drop rates (traffic trombone). By intelligently steering applications, iSDConnect improves Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and enhances the overall performance of cloud-based applications.

Cost-Effective and Fast:

iSDConnect presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional and expensive private networks like MPLS. Telcos can offer iSDConnect as an additional or standalone service to their customers, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of SD-WAN without the hefty investment associated with MPLS.

New Revenue Stream:

By adopting iSDConnect, Telcos can position themselves as SD-WAN solution providers in the marketplace. This new revenue stream allows Telcos to recover lost MPLS revenue and tap into the growing demand for efficient and secure network solutions.

Better Quality of Service (QoS):

iSDConnect helps stabilize internet connections, maximizing Quality of Service (QoS) for Telcos and their customers. With centralized visibility, monitoring, and control of the entire network, Telcos can ensure consistent and reliable performance for their clients.

Centralized Orchestration & Control:

One of the key advantages of iSDConnect is its ability to enable Telcos to centrally provision and configure all network changes, propagating them to all network-connected branches or offices. This centralized orchestration and control simplify network management and streamline operations.

Reduced Investment, Higher ROI:

iSDConnect eliminates the need for firewalls at each branch through edge-to-edge network security and micro-segmentation. By optimizing investments and reducing hardware requirements, Telcos can generate higher returns on their network infrastructure.

How iSDConnect Benefits Businesses?

Apart from its advantages for Telcos, iSDConnect offers several benefits for businesses:

Enhanced Cloud Support:

iSDConnect ensures a better application experience regardless of where the application resides. Its application-aware routing guarantees speed, scalability, and a seamless user experience, overcoming the scalability challenges typically associated with WAN deployments.

Lowered Operational Expenses:

By providing more bandwidth at a lower cost, iSDConnect helps businesses reduce their operational expenses (OpEx) and capital expenditures (CapEx). The solution is highly adaptable to custom and third-party products, improving agility and responsiveness while reducing complexity.

Simplified Operations:

iSDConnect simplifies operations by leveraging automation and cloud-based management. Businesses can streamline their network management processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced administrative overhead.

Higher Security:

iSDConnect offers enhanced security across broadband internet and cloud environments. By distributing security to the branch and remote endpoints, it ensures comprehensive protection for business-critical data and applications.

The Solution:

iSDConnect Modules:

iSDConnect comprises three essential components that work together to provide enterprises with higher bandwidth, Quality of Service (QoS), and Quality of Experience (QoE):

  • iSDConnect Edge: These are access router devices located in enterprise sites or data center edges, running multiple Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). They provide the necessary connectivity and functionality for the SD-WAN deployment.

  • iSDConnect Orchestrator: The Orchestrator component manages and configures the access of iSDConnect Edge devices. It serves as the central control point for network provisioning, traffic steering, and policy enforcement.

  • iSDConnect Web Portal: The Web Portal collects information from various sources and presents users with the most relevant information in a single user interface. It provides a centralized view of the network, allowing Telcos and their customers to monitor and control network performance.


iAcuity's iSDConnect SD-WAN platform offers a transformative solution for Telcos and enterprises seeking to overcome the challenges associated with traditional WANs. By decoupling the network from hardware, iSDConnect brings agility, improved performance, and cost savings to businesses.

Telcos can position themselves as SD-WAN solution providers and tap into new revenue streams while delivering enhanced cloud support, lowered operational expenses, simplified operations, and higher security to their customers. With iSDConnect, businesses can embark on a seamless cloud journey, empowered by higher bandwidth and improved network capabilities.

To learn more about iSDConnect and how it can revolutionize WAN deployments, get in touch with iAcuity’s Experts today.

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