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Mitigate Roaming Fraud, Protect Revenue with iRoamAssure.

In the ever-evolving telecommunications industry, protecting revenue and maintaining customer trust are paramount. Roaming fraud has become a significant concern for mobile network operators (MNOs) globally, leading to substantial financial losses and damaging reputations.

Enter iRoamAssure - a comprehensive solution designed to mitigate roaming fraud and safeguard your revenue. This blog explores how iRoamAssure works, its features, and the benefits it brings to your business.


Understanding Roaming Fraud:

Roaming fraud involves unauthorized use of mobile services by individuals or devices while outside the home network. It can take various forms, including:

1. Subscription Fraud: Fraudsters obtain SIM cards using fake identities and run up high roaming bills.

2.  Cloning Fraud: Fraudsters duplicate SIM card information to make unauthorized calls and use data services.

3. Interconnect Bypass Fraud: Unauthorized routes are created to bypass standard interconnect fees.

These fraudulent activities not only lead to significant revenue losses but also strain network resources and degrade service quality.


What is iRoamAssure?

iRoamAssure is an advanced fraud management solution tailored specifically for MNOs to detect, prevent, and mitigate roaming fraud. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and robust analytics, iRoamAssure provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights to protect your network and revenue.

Key Features of iRoamAssure:

Partner Management: Effective partner management is crucial in the fight against roaming fraud. iRoamAssure offers comprehensive tools to configure and manage all visited public mobile networks (VPMN) partners of the home public mobile network (HPMN). Key features include:

Flexible Partner Configuration: Support for partners in both TAP and NRTRDE formats, with customizable SLA management based on time and CDR volume.

Agreement and Currency Management: Track partner agreement periods and handle multiple currencies seamlessly.

Dispatch Path Configuration: Configure TAP dispatch paths for each partner, with options to process partners in test or live modes, and set future cut-off dates for transitioning from test to live.


Subscriber Profile and Analytics

Understanding subscriber behaviour is essential to identifying and preventing fraud. iRoamAssure provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities:

Subscriber Usage Monitoring: Track the count of out-roamers and individual subscriber usage, including call, SMS, and data metrics on a daily or weekly basis.

Destination-Based Reports: Generate reports based on destination, providing insights into high-risk regions.

Usage Alerts: Set usage-based alerts for both subscribers and service providers to quickly identify and respond to unusual patterns.

Rich Visualizations: Utilize advanced visualizations for in-depth analysis and easy interpretation of data.


Invoice Management:

Accurate and timely invoicing is critical for maintaining healthy cash flow and relationships with partners. iRoamAssure simplifies this process with its robust invoice management system:

Automated Invoice Generation: Generate monthly invoices for all partners, with customizable invoice dates and periods.

Draft and Final Invoices: Create multiple drafts before finalizing the invoice to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Flexible Invoice Customization: Tailor invoices to meet specific partner requirements and compliance standards.


Benefits of iRoamAssure

Implementing iRoamAssure offers numerous benefits that enhance your network's security and efficiency:

Enhanced Fraud Detection and Prevention:

iRoamAssure employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect fraudulent activities in real-time. By continuously monitoring usage patterns and comparing them against historical data, it can quickly identify anomalies and potential fraud attempts. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of revenue loss and protects your network from abuse.

Improved Partner Relationships:

With iRoamAssure's comprehensive partner management tools, you can maintain transparent and efficient communication with your roaming partners. Clear SLA definitions, accurate invoicing, and timely dispute resolution foster stronger relationships and mutual trust.


Optimized Revenue Assurance

By preventing roaming fraud and ensuring accurate billing, iRoamAssure directly contributes to your revenue assurance strategy. The solution's robust analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into usage trends, helping you make informed business decisions and optimize your revenue streams.

Streamlined Operations

Automation of key processes such as partner configuration, usage monitoring, and invoice generation reduces the operational burden on your team. This allows your staff to focus on strategic initiatives and customer service, rather than manual fraud detection and billing tasks.


In a world where roaming fraud poses a constant threat to MNOs, iRoamAssure stands out as a comprehensive and effective solution. By leveraging its advanced features and capabilities, you can protect your revenue, enhance partner relationships, and streamline your operations. Embrace iRoamAssure to mitigate roaming fraud and secure a prosperous future for your business.

For more information on how iRoamAssure can benefit your organization, contact us today and take the first step towards a fraud-free network environment.


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