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Navigating the Roaming Fraud Abyss: How iRoam Assure Fortifies CSPs Against Modern Malpractices.

In the fast-evolving landscape of telecommunications, safeguarding high-value roaming revenue is a critical imperative for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The challenges posed by roaming fraud, fueled by modern malpractices, have elevated the need for robust solutions. This blog explores the global scenario of roaming fraud, its impacts on CSPs, and how iRoam Assure emerges as a strategic ally in combating these challenges.

The Global Roaming Fraud Landscape:

Recent statistics underscore the severity of roaming fraud on a global scale. Incidents continue to rise, contributing significantly to revenue losses for CSPs. Roaming fraud, characterized by its increasing sophistication, exploits vulnerabilities in signaling systems, subscriber profiles, and partner collaborations. The financial implications are substantial, running into millions annually and affecting both the financial stability of CSPs and subscriber trust in roaming services.

Impact on CSPs

The impact of roaming fraud on CSPs is multi-faceted:

1. Financial Losses: Roaming fraud leads to substantial revenue leakage, posing a significant threat to the overall profitability of CSPs.

2. Subscriber Trust Erosion: Unauthorized charges to subscribers result in dissatisfaction and erosion of trust, leading to increased churn rates.

3. Operational Disruption: Managing and mitigating the impact of roaming fraud diverts significant resources, hindering the timely rollout of new services.

Modern Malpractices in Roaming Fraud:

As fraud tactics evolve, so do the methods employed by fraudsters. Some modern malpractices observed in roaming fraud include:

1. SIM Box Fraud: Rerouting international calls through local numbers to evade international call charges.

2. IMSI and SIM Card Cloning: Impersonating legitimate subscribers through cloning IMSI or SIM cards for unauthorized access and usage.

3. Gray Route Bypass: Using unauthorized routes to bypass legal international call routes, causing revenue leakage.

4. International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF): Setting up premium rate services to generate revenue at the expense of CSPs.

5. Subscription Fraud: Using stolen or false identities to subscribe to roaming services, leading to financial losses.

iRoam Assure: A Shield Against Roaming Fraud:

Customized SLA-Based Reporting & Alerting:

iRoam Assure addresses these challenges through its customized SLA-based reporting and alerting. By tailoring SLAs to specific parameters, it minimizes response times to potential fraud incidents, reducing revenue leakage.

Subscriber Profile and Analytics:

The solution's analytics module provides valuable insights into subscriber behavior, aiding in the identification of anomalies and the detection of suspicious activities, allowing for proactive alerts and real-time mitigation.

Partner Management:

Efficient Partner Management ensures secure collaborations, streamlining interactions between Virtual Partner Mobile Networks (VPMNs) and Home Public Mobile Networks (HPMNs).

Invoice Management:

iRoamAssure's Invoice Management streamlines financial transactions, reducing the risk of fraudulent invoicing or revenue manipulation.

In conclusion, as CSPs navigate the complex waters of global roaming services, iRoam Assure emerges not just as a solution but as a strategic partner. By understanding and adapting to the global roaming fraud landscape and modern malpractices, iRoam Assure empowers CSPs to proactively secure their networks, protect subscriber trust, and maintain a robust financial foundation in an ever-evolving telecommunications landscape. As fraud tactics evolve, iRoam Assure ensures that CSPs can adapt and innovate, all while maintaining the integrity of their revenue streams.


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