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Slash Network Costs, Skyrocket Efficiency: How iAcuity's Nex Gen Stack Supercharges Your Network.

Feeling the squeeze of ever-tightening regulations, skyrocketing network complexity, and revenue leakage? You're not alone. Telecom Network Carriers (CSPs) and System Integrators worldwide are wrestling with these challenges. But what if there was a way to crush network expenses, boost efficiency, and watch your revenue soar?

Enter iAcuity's Nex Gen Solution Stack, your one-stop shop for a smarter, more secure network. Think of it as your personal network ninja, silently working in the background to:

  • Slash Network Opex:   Imagine streamlined operations, minimal manual intervention, and resource allocation that's tighter than Fort Knox. That's the magic of iAcuity's Nex Gen Stack.

  • Unleash Network Efficiency: Gain real-time insights into your network's health, troubleshoot faults faster than a speeding bullet, and deliver customer experiences that leave them raving.

  • Maximize Revenue:  Say goodbye to fraudsters and revenue leaks. iAcuity's Nex Gen Stack ensures you capture every penny you're owed.

Your Network's Guardian Angel: Unveiling the iAcuity Advantage

iAcuity's Nex Gen Stack is a powerful toolbox packed with solutions designed to tackle your most pressing network concerns. Here's a sneak peek at the heroes within:

1. Lawful Interception and Log Management Solutions (iL iS):

  • Your Compliance Superhero: iL iS seamlessly integrates with your existing network, whether you're rocking 5G or still cruising on 2G. It ensures you effortlessly comply with regulations while keeping everything secure.

  • Centralized Command Center: Capture voice and data content, snag session information, and generate reports – all from a single, user-friendly platform.

2. Network Intelligence Solutions (PROBESE):

  • Real-Time Network CSI: PROBESE7/SIGTRAN probes act like your network's private investigators, generating real-time call detail records (CDRs) to identify and eliminate L2 and L3 faults faster than ever.

  • Future-Proof Problem Solver: No need to worry about evolving network standards. PROBESE can handle it all, seamlessly decoding and analyzing network traffic for smooth operation.

3. Network Traceability and Troubleshooting Solutions (iPCAPTrace):

  • Passive Signal Hunter:  iPCAPTrace works silently in the background, capturing control plane signals to troubleshoot 2G, 3G, and 4G network issues.

  • User-Friendly Analysis Station: Analyze captured signals with ease. The intuitive interface lets you select protocols, define capture duration, and pinpoint mobile identities for laser-focused troubleshooting.

4. Highly Secure Connectivity Solutions (SDConnect):

  • Fortress for Your Network: SDConnect is your network's ironclad security shield. This carrier-grade SD-WAN platform delivers top-notch security with built-in orchestration for seamless deployment.

  • Multi-Layered Defense:   Firewall, content filtering, and threat intelligence with SIEM analytics – SDConnect equips your network to handle any security challenge.

5. Business Assurance Solutions (Revenue on Autopilot):

  • FraudPrevent: The Terminator of Fraud: Say goodbye to fraudsters with FraudPrevent. This solution leverages real-time reconciliation to eliminate fraud across different lines of business, saving you serious cash.

  • iRoam Assure: Your Roaming Revenue Guardian Angel: Protect your high-value roaming revenue with iRoam Assure. Get customized reports, fast implementation of new agreements, and comprehensive fraud control – all in one place.

  • iRev Assure: The Revenue Leak Plugger: Never lose a single penny again. iRev Assure meticulously analyzes your revenue streams, identifying and eliminating leakage points for maximum profit.


Stop struggling with a sluggish network and dwindling revenue. iAcuity's Nex Gen Stack is your key to a future of:

  • Reduced Network Opex

  • Enhanced Network Efficiency

  • Maximized Revenue

Ready to unleash the power of iAcuity's Nex Gen Stack? Contact iAcuity Telco Solutions today and watch your network transform!

Schedule a DEMO with our experts Today.


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