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Mitigating Revenue Loss: Benefits of iRevAssure & iRoamAssure for Telecom Service Providers

Revenue Increasing Year on Year

In today's highly competitive Telecommunications industry, service providers face numerous challenges when it comes to Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management. iAcuity Telco Solutions, a leading Telecom software product company, offers two cutting-edge solutions: iRevAssure and iRoamAssure.

These solutions empower Telecom service providers to streamline operations, plug revenue leaks, and effectively detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Let's delve into how iAcuity's comprehensive Revenue Assurance and Roaming Fraud Management solutions benefit Telecom businesses.

iRevAssure: Comprehensive Revenue Assurance Solution

iRevAssure, a future-ready business assurance solution, is designed to capture vital information and prevent revenue leaks across all business units of Telecom Service Providers. Its scalable and extensible architecture ensures current efficiency and future compatibility, seamlessly working with mobile and fixed-line technologies.

Here are some key reasons why service providers should choose iRevAssure:

Insightful, Incisive Reports: iRevAssure provides wide-ranging reports that offer deep insights into revenue streams across various lines of businesses (LOBs). These customizable hierarchical reports enable proactive actions against possible revenue leakages.

Future-Ready and Customizable: iRevAssure is engineered to handle different lines of businesses and can be configured rapidly to fit changing needs. It allows for the integration of new technologies and LOBs, enabling faster roll-outs of new services.

Configurable and Easy to Use: With its user-friendly GUI and all-web interface, iRevAssure offers an easy-to-use and maintain solution. Clients can configure data sources for reconciliation and conduct validation checks through configurable rules.

Wide-Ranging Reports: iRevAssure generates incisive and insightful reports on leakages, including Traffic Data Reports, Mediation Patterns and Trends Reports, and Revenue Reconciliation Reports, among others.

iRoamAssure: Roaming Fraud Management Solution

Revenue Leakage Occurence Due to Fraudsters

iRoamAssure is a comprehensive NRTRDE (Near Real-Time Roaming Data Exchange) and TAP Roaming Solution that enables Telecom service providers to augment revenue and tackle fraud in real-time. Here's why iRoamAssure is the go-to solution for managing roaming frauds:

High Compliance: iRoamAssure complies with industry standards, including TD.35 and TD.57, GSMA FF.18 guidelines, and NRTRDE mandates. It provides unique intelligence on call data away from the home network in real-time.

Built-in Correction System: iRoamAssure’s error correction system minimizes erroneous inference by validating data from roaming partners. It manages errors, re-processes error files, and returns valid TAP files.

Usage Monitoring and Fraud Tracking: iRoamAssure offers comprehensive usage monitoring and high usage reporting systems to keep service providers informed about subscribers' activities. It enables the detection of fraudulent calls in near real-time.

Single Framework Solution: iRoamAssure provides a unified framework to manage NRTRDE and Roaming Settlement. It reconciles CDRs, financial reports/ledgers/books, and rates CDRs based on tariffs sent by partners in multiple currencies.

Configurable SLA: iRoamAssure comes with configurable SLA's for both NRTRDE and TAP files, ensuring effective communication with partners. It also provides configurable hierarchical reporting for SLA breach/complaint analytics.


iAcuity Telco Solutions' iRevAssure and iRoamAssure offer Telecom service providers comprehensive solutions for Revenue Assurance and Roaming Fraud Management.

With iRevAssure, service providers can streamline operations, plug revenue leaks, and gain deep insights into revenue streams across LOBs.

iRoamAssure empowers service providers to augment revenue, detect fraud in real-time, and comply with industry standards. By implementing these solutions, Telecom businesses can Protect Revenue, Prevent Fraud, And Ensure Long-Term Success in the dynamic Telecom Landscape.

To discover how iAcuity Telco Solutions' iRevAssure and iRoamAssure can help your Telecom business maximize revenue and prevent fraud, Reach out to our Experts Today.

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